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* Encountered very kind of you,
* so I write some code to celebrate our 1st met.
Boy i = new Boy("Wind");
Girl u = new Girl("Metamorposis");
// Aug 2, 2014, I told you I love you.;
// Unluckily, you did not accepte.
// Since then, I miss u every day.
// And take care of u.
// You say that you won't be so easy to be my girlfriend.
// So I keep waiting and I have confidence that you will.
boolean isHesitate = true;
while (isHesitate) {
// I think it is an important decision
// and you should think it over.
isHesitate = u.thinkOver();
// But it's time to face the truth.
while (true) {;
Metamorposis, I have met you for
Love u forever and ever.
- Wind